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About us

Who We Are

Technosoft is a one-stop shop for IT services that encompasses training, consulting, staffing and development. Our journey started in 2010 with a vision to serve high quality IT solution to the customers. As part of our vision we established a training center back in 2011 to provide hands on experience to beginners as well as professional looking to expand their skillsets. Since our starting point we are continuously progressing to deliver high quality and market demanding courses. We have established a good reputation as a trusted training academy in NYC. Our mission is to become a nation’s top notch I.T training provider in Software Quality Assurance, Automation Test Engineering and Java & Python Development related courses.

What We Do

“We always look for good and potential candidates because we want to make them best candidates in the job market”

Technosoft is highly admired for its flexibility in providing best candidates to the client’s businesses. Most importantly, Technosoft is committed to implementing practical methodologies designed according to market demands. In order to deliver outstanding results, Technosoft attracts individuals who have a high aptitude for learning the latest technologies, excel in communication across multi-platform teams, and most importantly, work calmly under pressure. It is about creating the right talent who can contribute to this industry and also can build their dynamic career. We work hard and try to deliver our best so that our candidates can learn the most updated knowledge and market demanding skills.

Technosoft offers a comprehensive, skills-building highly demandable IT training. Technosoft delivers quality syllabus, workshops or accelerated track- curriculum that provides extensive labs and working-world scenarios, the best resource of information for “real life”. Our curriculum builds the critical skills that an IT Professionals and Software Engineers must have to be aligned with the sophistication of software/systems development. For some eligible candidates we also facilitate apprenticeship to gain more real world experience. Our dedicated job marketing team helps the candidates to find better opportunities and set up interviews with some top rated clients including fortune 500. We also work with some implantation partner to accelerate the recruitment process for our eligible candidates

Why You Choose Us
Dynamic Learning

Dynamic, innovative learning

We leverage the latest technological tools to provide our students with an engaging, blended online and offline learning experience.

Career growth with top employers

We help our community thrive with a specialized, full-time team that gets students jobs, partnerships, and collaborations with over 2,500 innovative employers.

Career Growth
Our Culture

Technosoft welcomes students from all diverse backgrounds and any part of the US to come apply their talent to build their career in technology in the rapidly growing field. We open our hands to help those people who have high aptitude for learning, passionate about the process and accepts the challenge to take new initiatives.

We believe our candidates will be the best resource for any company and/or entrepreneurs in their own businesses.





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