Learn Coding From Experts

Our instructors are all experienced professionals in the fields of Software QA Engineering. At Technosoft Academy, our project-based approach has proved effective and well-reviewed. Regardless of the course, you choose, you will receive unparalleled personal instruction and attention. Our curriculum, instruction, résumé/CV help, and interview prepare all meant to help you do one thing start an exciting and rewarding new career.


Build Your Own Project

After learning the fundamentals, you will have the necessary skills to complete to an end-to-end project, mimicing the real-world scenarios encountered in your new career.

In our QA Automation with Selenium courses, you will be assigned a project expected to take 120 hours to complete. This is your chance to take everything you’ve learned and put it into practice.


Start Your Career

All of our courses are designed to align with job requirements of prospective employers. Our career coaches will help you prepare with mock interviews and tips designed to help you articulate and sell what you’ve learned and why you will be a great asset at your prospective employer.



You Focus on Learning…
…We Invest in Your Success

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A Promising Future in Technology

Software QA Automation Engineers play an integral part in any software development team. The job demand in both sectiors is growing rapidly. According to a report by the U.S Department of Labor, there will be an estimated 100,000 new positions in technology through 2025.


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Boost Your Company Performance with Candidates of the Highest Skill Set

Any company's performance depends on the skills of their employees. Whether you are an employee or a manager looking to developing your skill set, Technosoft Academy can help. We provide hands-on, well-crafted trainings that fit team and companies of various sizes.

You can choose a fully immersive QA Automation course with Java & Selenium. If you are looking for fast-paced learnings, our on-demand courses in Test Automation with RESTful APIs could be a good fit for you.

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Launch Your New Career

Change is difficult enough and changing careers can be daunting. We are confident our course offerings, the skills you’ll learn here and most importantly, how you learn to apply them will lead to a rewarding career in an exciting and ever-changing field.

Affordable & Accessible Tuition for All


Our goal is to provide technology education to all with affordable tuition fees and payment options. We believe money shoulnd’t be the burden to acquire knowledge and launch a new career. Technosot Academy provide low-cost and accessible financng option to students. Invest your energy on learning, not thinking about the cost.

Technosoft Graduates Have Been Hired at…

Our graduates are successfully proving their skills and knowledge and joining well-recognized large and small companies.

We Want to Inspire and Empower You

Technosoft Academy

As we are committed to supporting underrepresented communities in the technology field. We are taking initiatives to support Women in technology through our “Women in Tech” movement.

We also respect the sacrifice and contribution of our Military Veterans and their families.

Technsoft Academy would like to make a difference in the technology field by helping underrepresnted communities, such as LGBTQ, Persons with Disabilities and War Refugees.

We are pleased to award a $500 to $1000 scholarship to one of our Fully Immersive programs to an individual from underrepresented communities.

Our Graduates Say

  • Default Image Male

    Great experience and a great way to learn new technologies. A lot of help from all involved and it definitely was worth it in my opinion.

    Arif Syed

  • Default Image Male

    I would like to thank Technosoft team who helped me jump start my career as Java Selenium QA Automation Engineer. The trainers are really helpful and skilled professionals. The course curriculum is very standard and up to date. The training method is very hands on with real work scenarios. I had to participate in projects, lab practices and class works. My background is Medical Technology but with their help and my dedication I was able to pick up fast and land a job very quickly.
    If anybody who wants to enter IT field and needs guidance and help, then Technosoft will definitely a good place to get you started. They prepared my resume, taught me various tips and techniques on interview questions, arranged few mock interview sessions. That helped me land a job.

    Zeeshan Sattar

  • Default Image Male

    Great environment to work in to start a career in the IT field, however this is NOT a go to class get the job type of deal. The class gives you a strong foundation but you must study on your own as well, the bootcamp is called a boot camp for a reason. You cannot learn everything in such a short span of time, you have to devote some of your time outside of class as well. If you do, you have a great shot.

    Gurveer Singh

  • Arafat

    I have taken the QA Automation course at this academy. The classes and guidelines are very helpful to achieve the ultimate goal. And the boot camp at the end of the course really offers you the opportunity to gain knowledge about real job environment. This academy also have a Consultancy wing. Right now I’m working with Techno Soft in a in house project of a well renowned company as a Consultant Automation Engineer.

    Arafat Mamun
    Selenium Automation Engineer

  • Fahad

    At some point I was really confused with my career. I was looking for some opportunities that can give me a start that I wanted. In that point I was introduced to Technosoft. They showed me the right path and trained me as well. To do something better in your career first option is to work hard and to work hard in the right path you need good mentors. In my opinion they are great mentors.
    Technosoft have great environment, good trainers and a great platform that can give you a great start with your dedication. My best wishes will always be with Technosoft.

    QA Automation Engineer
    Hitachi, Boston

  • Salma

    Technosoft has provided me a clear-cut subject oriented curriculum that precisely took me through a smooth journey of understanding software testing both conceptually and technically. Conceptual knowledge accumulated through TECHNOSOFT has proven to be very successful in job interviews. I did not have to resort to studying from outside resources or YouTube. Repeating practical lab exercises in 3 sets has helped me become quicker in identifying potential bugs in GUI and iterating through automation scripts. I would highly recommend this institute to non-IT majors for growth and opportunity.

    Sr. QA Analyst
    Digital Media, NY

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