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Web Development Bootcamp

24 Weeks | Weeknight & Weekend Class | Intensive Project

Establish Yourself as a Web Developer

Learning is not always just to finish the study materials, rather we believe the skill is built when students work collaborately and help each other to grow together. With that keep in mind, Technosoft Academy has created a passionate, on campus instructors led learning environment for the career driven students. Web Development with Python is most effective immersive course that a student can learn to pusue their career in this field.

In-Class Instructor Led Guidance

Lead Guidance

We know your struggle with online bootcamp class. This course is designed and led by industry expert instructor who will teach and guide you in the real onsite class. So you have more access to the Instructor to ask for guidance and solution.

Collaborate Learning

Collaborate Learning

You are not alone, learn the stuffs with others students in a collaborative environment. Make you learning experience fun and stress free. Help each other to grow together.

Cutting Edge Most up-to-date Syllabus

Cutting Edge

The course curriculum, lesson plan, study materials and resources are designed and build to meet the current market demand. The teaching method we apply to simulate the real world experience.

Outcome Driven

Outcome Driven

The course is designed in align with the job requirements by the employer. The skill you will get will ultimately prepare the active job serching students launch a career in this field.


Coming out of bootcamp prep, students will now have a strong understanding of many tools that are available to them in the Python programming language. We start the bootcamp course by reviewing and discussing in more detail the software development life cycle as we get prepare to go much deeper into our course syllabus. We then go straight into what is Object Oriented Programming, why it’s useful, and begin building our first model classes. Students will then finish the first unit by completed a fully object oriented Python application.


While lectures and homework assignments are a great way to learn, the best lessons come from experience. Over the course of our Web Development Course, students will complete several projects before finishing off with one larger project that encompasses everything they have learned.

Write Unit Code & Integrate

End to end Testing

Students design an object oriented approach to creating a product. Students will focus on how to segment their code into smaller, functional pieces that can then work together to complete an entire system.

Build Relational Database Schema

Learn QA Automation

Students will build a relational database schema similar to a real world system using MySQL. This includes defining table structure and relationships, writing queries to create and edit data, and querying the tables for specific results.

Build API and Setup Django App

Build Schema

Students will build their own API. This includes storing records in databases, and making available several endpoints with specific functions. They start from scratch, setting up their a virtual environment and Django applications.

Build Full Scale REST API

Rest API

Armed with all the tools students will be tasked with building a full scale REST API. Using an OAuth2 specification for authenticating users and reaching out to third party services such as Stripe for payment.

Web Development Classes

Program Structure, Eligibility

Program Structure

Web Development Boot camp is designed to conduct an immersive 16 weeks program. Students will learn fundamentals advance level of object-oriented programming. They will also understand how in a real software development world people work together with every piece to build and deliver a high quality finished product. The overall class will focus on building a concrete base to explore your career path to a wider range of coding as well as web development skills. Most of the class lecture will be followed by hands-on class work. Students will work rest of the days before next class on doing their homework alone or in a group help. The purpose of our boot camp is to grow together by helping each other in a friendly but structured platform.

Our program includes:

16 Weeks Course Duration

Onsite Instructor Led Class

96+ Hours of Class Lecture

80+ Hours of Homework

50+ Hours of Lab Work

50+ Hours of Project works



  • Basic level of object oriented programming background is required.
  • Attended any boot camp prep class from any other schools
  • Ability to think creatively, analytically and with depth about problems
  • Ability to learn and communicate in a professional manner.

Target Audience

  • Non IT professionals aspiring to get into IT Industry.
  • IT professionals looking for development career
  • Recent graduates aspiring for new career
  • Academic degree in any Field
We encourage all sorts of people to take this training opportunity to explore their career in this demanding field. We welcome students from all backgrounds based on our evaluation to assess the eligibility of the prospective candidates so that the mutual goal can be accomplished.

Current and Upcoming Batch-Web Development

We start a new class every 5 months and students are accepted in a rolling basis. The Web Development with Python training is designed for 16 weeks. Eligible students should have prior coding skills in Python programming language. If you don’t have good level of Python knowledge, you can take our 4 weeks Coding Boot Camp Prep class before apply for this 16 weeks course. A formal assessment process will be conducted to consider your eligibility for Web Development program.

The class size is flexible but we maintain a ratio of about maximum 24 students per batch. This ensures that students are getting plenty of attention, review, and guidance.

Course Name

Course Duration

Class Day

Class Time


Web Dev Boot Camp

12th Nov 18 to 20th Mar 19

Mon, Wed

7pm to 10pm


Web Dev Boot Camp

TBD-Between Apr to May

Mon, Wed

7pm to 10pm


Career Support

Technosoft Academy offers career development support to all immersive boot camp students. We understand that building a career is a life-long process and we will do our best to support you. Our ultimate goal is to help you launching your desired career.

Career Counseling

Work with your career coach one to one to get more specific counseling to fit your need.

Resume and Interview Prep

Get help from expert to optimize your professional resume. We guide you for technical and cultural interviews.

Dedicated Marketing

Our dedicated marketing team will help you searching and applying for jobs.

Our Student

College Student

This course is a great alternative to teaching yourself to code. Instructor, and the teaching assistance, will ease your doubts and provide you with insight that you won't find on a website. Course material is trimmed to be fast and effective. I've learned a lot in a short amount of time. The assignments you will complete will build confidence to pursue a career in the field.

Affordable Tuition & Financing

Our tuition is very reasonable and competitive in the market. We want our students to focus on learning and setting up their careers. Tuition shouldn't be the burdens. Invest for your career with a different financing and payment options that fit your needs.

Full Tuition


Financing option starting at


*Based on loan of $8,000 over 3-year term.


As we are committed to support underrepresented community in Tech. We are taking initiatives to support Women in tech through our “Women in Tech” movement. Also we respect the contribution of our Veterans and like to reward them through our limited capabilities. Technsoft care about those underrepresnted communities like LGBT, Phisycally Disable and War Refujees. We are pleased to award an $1,000 scholarship to them admitted to our Full Immersive programs. The scholar will be awarded through a eligibility assessment process.