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Coming from a non IT background I was a bit skeptical whether I can really make a career in this field but as I started attending the classes for Software Quality Assurance I quickly realized that the mentors in Technosoft academy go above and beyond to prepare everyone for the long run. The academy offers more than just the traditional textbook method of teaching their students, they provide the students with hands on software training with top leading and efficient programs such as Java, Selenium, Appium, etc. Not only that, at the completion of the course they provided an intensive boot camp training where the mentors went out of their way to assist with resume building and job applications. I am very pleased to say that I found a job in New York and I would recommend anyone looking to get a career in IT to not think twice about enrolling in their program.

-Tanvir QA Automation Engineer
Fresh Direct, NY

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Friendly and professional service!!! Last year I was looking for an IT job as I had little exposure in software QA. My project was about to finish and I was aggressively searching a new position. I came to know about TECHNOSOFT from one of my colleagues that this company can help you find a new career. I got extremely very good support to learn few new things which the job market demanded at that time. They helped updated resume and set up three interviews for me. But I was so lucky, that time in my current workplace there was a new position opened which required some expertise with the technologies I learned from Technosoft. I applied for that and got selected. I would like to thank the trainer and the other candidates who helped me a lot to learn new technology, updated my resume and guided me accordingly.

-Natalya Malamud QA Automation Engineer
Walmart, Bentonville, AK

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When I found Technosoft Academy, I decided to drop everything and immerse myself in Java and Selenium. After each test automation project, I started to find the coursework engaging and the staff was super helpful, willing being realistic with everyone’s expectations, and generally supportive. This experience taught me the basics of Java and QA automation concepts and skills to teach myself further.

-Jack Yun Technosoft Graduate
New Jersey

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I had a very good experience with Technosoft. The people are so friendly and professional. They understand your needs. Best place to start the career as QA Engineer or as Automation Engineer. Their career guidance program is really outstanding to walk on right track.

-Deepak Kakkar Selenium Automation Engineer

Sharmeen Ahmed

Whatever I know about IT today, I have learned it from Technosoft. The reason why I rate Technosoft 5 stars is because I sincerely learned a lot during my time here. The students are very friendly and they will help you to understand everything. My counselor Mr. Khan have thought me so much, also there are senior students who will take their time and come and set tutoring session for the newer students. If you want your career in IT you should choose Technosoft with your eyes closed.

-Sharmeen Ahmed Technosoft Graduate
New York

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My background is totally from non IT. I was very scared if I could grab the technical stuff. But the fact is within very few days I started learning a lot of new things. Their class environment is really nice and teachers are so cooperative. They especially focused hands on programming instead of just following the textbook. Mostly I liked their teaching method; homework after every class, real problem-solving in the classroom and one to one counseling each month….all these helped me a lot to learn. The most effective part is there 160+ hours of preperation that truly make someone ready for the job market.

-Mahrua Fardous Technosoft graduate
New York


Being a non IT professional getting to the IT world, is “hard nut” to crack, that is what I always heard of!! I visited couple of IT Consultancy firm and a couple of them tried to make me believe that it’s almost impossible without their help. Only exception I found was TECHNOSOFT! They were very realistic and professional from the very beginning.  Technosoft has the whole set up to get you acquainted with the real QA world. I was fortunate enough that I went to them.

-Anirban Talukder QA Automation Engineer
Technosoft Graduate, New York

Jahed Akhter

My expectation was very high. I was looking for a really very hands-on skill and I am fully satisfied with Technosoft’s training service. A great place to pursue your career if you want to be a QA engineer. I got hands on training in Software automation from this center, they helped me get a job as a QA Automation Engineer in New York. Awesome Service oriented organization. Nice Training environment and students are awesome. I would recommend anyone to go to this place. If you are determined, they will help you achieve your goal. They can assist you really well, but you have to put the time in as well.

-Jahed Akther QA Automation Lead
Center Light Health System, New York


Technosoft has provided me a clear-cut subject oriented curriculum that precisely took me through a smooth journey of understanding software testing both conceptually and technically. Conceptual knowledge accumulated through TECHNOSOFT has proven to be very successful in job interviews. I did not have to resort to studying from outside resources or YouTube. Repeating practical lab exercises in 3 sets has helped me become quicker in identifying potential bugs in GUI and iterating through automation scripts. I would highly recommend this institute to non-IT majors for growth and opportunity.

-Salma Sr. QA Analyst
Digital Media, NY


At some point I was really confused with my career. I was looking for some opportunities that can give me a start that I wanted. In that point I was introduced to Technosoft. They showed me the right path and trained me as well. To do something better in your career first option is to work hard and to work hard in the right path you need good mentors. In my opinion they are great mentors.
Technosoft have great environment, good trainers and a great platform that can give you a great start with your dedication. My best wishes will always be with Technosoft.

-Fahad QA Automation Engineer
Hitachi, Boston


I have taken the QA Automation course at this academy. The classes and guidelines are very helpful to achieve the ultimate goal. And the boot camp at the end of the course really offers you the opportunity to gain knowledge about real job environment. This academy also have a Consultancy wing. Right now I’m working with Techno Soft in a in house project of a well renowned company as a Consultant Automation Engineer.

-Arafat Mamun Selenium Automation Engineer

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Great environment to work in to start a career in the IT field, however this is NOT a go to class get the job type of deal. The class gives you a strong foundation but you must study on your own as well, the bootcamp is called a boot camp for a reason. You cannot learn everything in such a short span of time, you have to devote some of your time outside of class as well. If you do, you have a great shot.

-Gurveer Singh

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I would like to thank Technosoft team who helped me jump start my career as Java Selenium QA Automation Engineer. The trainers are really helpful and skilled professionals. The course curriculum is very standard and up to date. The training method is very hands on with real work scenarios. I had to participate in projects, lab practices and class works. My background is Medical Technology but with their help and my dedication I was able to pick up fast and land a job very quickly.
If anybody who wants to enter IT field and needs guidance and help, then Technosoft will definitely a good place to get you started. They prepared my resume, taught me various tips and techniques on interview questions, arranged few mock interview sessions. That helped me land a job.

-Zeeshan Sattar

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Great experience and a great way to learn new technologies. A lot of help from all involved and it definitely was worth it in my opinion.

-Arif Syed