Purpose of 1:1 Counseling with Mentors

This session is to meet with our instructors at Technosoft in a one on one time so your voice is heard and your questions regarding the course or general information around software engineering and Test Automation are answered. We encourage you to book your free session to get a clear picture on how and who is leading the classes here at Technosoft Academy.


We are ready to guide you on Software Engineering & Test Automation skills and career

Ask any questions related to the skills and career that may clear your doubt or concerns

Mohammad Muntakim

Faculty Head


Lead Instructor

Deepak Sharma

Lead Instructor


What You Can Expect in 1:1 Counseling with Mentors 

  • You will get a dedicated 30 mins with the instructor
  • All your questions are answered to clear any doubts and unknown
  • Guidance on how to get started in Software Engineering or QA Automation Career
  • How Technosoft can help you get started

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