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QA Automation with Selenium Boot Camp

20 Weeks | Evening Class | 1 Full Project

Jumpstart Your Career in QA Automation

This 5-months course provides students with a span of Software Test development skills, enabling them to build full stack test automation Framework/Tools. Our course is built around the broader history of Test Automation. This means that our students graduate with a solid base of fundamental programming knowledge, experience with specific languages and frameworks that are popular today, and a flexible outlook that is comfortable and eager to tackle new technologies in a fast-moving and ever changing industry.

In-Class Instructor Led Guidance

Lead Guidance

We know your struggle and that's why this course is designed and led by industry expert instructor who will teach and guide you in the real onsite class. Students will also get support from trainer assistant to get additional and personal care.

Collaborate Learning

Collaborate Learning

You are not alone, learn the stuffs with others students in a collaborative environment. Make you learning experience fun and stress free. Help each other to grow together.

Cutting Edge Most up-to-date Syllabus

Cutting Edge

The course curriculum, lesson plan, study materials and resources are designed and build to meet the current market demand. The teaching method we apply to simulate the real world experience.

Outcome Driven

Outcome Driven

The course is designed in align with the job requirements by the employer. The skill you will get will ultimately prepare the active job serching students launch a career in this field.


We provide the students with top notch and up to date curriculum. Our students learn the industry standards with a foundation to continue learning as technology evolves.

Our curriculum has been carefully crafted in collaboration with employers from the field. We use student feedback to improve our curriculum every six months. We don’t follow the text books but rather we create our own standard materials from the world of resources. Our curriculum always lead by the practical project experience.


While lectures and homework assignments are a great way to learn, the best lessons come from experience. Over the course of our Software QA Test Automation Course, students will complete an end to end project that encompasses everything they have learned. Students will be guided by the Lead Instructor and Assistant Trainer to help students work in a agile environment through interactive collaboration.

End to End Testing in Agile

End to end Testing

Students will use JIRA to create assign test stories, manage test execution progress and generate test coverage report. They will implement a full cycle of test automation in an agile framework.

Create and Execute Full Automation

Learn QA Automation

Using all the knowledge, skills and resources students will design test automation framework. They will create test scripts with JAVA, execute tests and generate test reports.

Program Structure, Eligibility

Program Structure

Program Structure

Test Automation program is designed in such a way where you can get all the important conceptual knowledge, hands on skills and problem solving techniques. In most of the classes, the instructor will give two hours lecture and after that you have to do a classwork relating to the instruction subject. You will be given homework in each class related to real life and practical scenarios. There will be a trainer assistat to support you with more personal attention.

Our program includes:

20 Weeks Course Duration

Onsite Instructor Led Class

96+ Hours of Class Lecture

80+ Hours of Homework

80+ Hours of lab Work

60+ Hours of Project works



  • No I.T or programming background is required.
  • Ability to think creatively, analytically and with depth about problems
  • Ability to learn and communicate in a professional manner.

Target Audience

  • Non IT professionals aspiring to get into IT Industry.
  • QA professionals looking for Automation skill and career
  • Recent graduates aspiring for new career
  • Academic degree in any Field
We encourage all sorts of people to take this training opportunity to explore their career in this demanding field. We welcome students from all backgrounds based on our evaluation to assess the eligibility of the prospective candidates so that the mutual goal can be accomplished.

Current and Upcoming Batch-QA Automation

We start a new class every 4 months and students are accepted in a rolling basis. The Test Automation course is designed for 5 months. Students will be evaluated through a interview process to be eligible for admission to this course. The class size is flexible but our maximum capacity is 24 students per batch on campus. This ensures that students are getting plenty of attention, review, and guidance.

Course Name

Course Duration

Class Day

Class Time


Test Automation with Selenium

15th July 19 to 15th Dec 19

Mon, Thurs

06:30pm to 09:30pm
09am to 12pm


Test Automation with Selenium

18th Nov 19 to 16th Apr 20

Mon, Thurs

06:30pm to 09:30pm
09am to 12pm


Test Automation with Selenium

16th Mar 20 to 17th Aug 20

Mon, Thurs

06:30pm to 09:30pm
09am to 12pm


Career Support

Technosoft Academy offers career development support to all immersive boot camp students. We understand that building a career is a life-long process and we will do our best to support you. Our ultimate goal is to help you launching your desired career.

Career Counseling

Work with your career coach one to one to get more specific counseling to fit your need.

Resume and Interview Prep

Get help from expert to optimize your professional resume. We guide you for technical and cultural interviews.

Dedicated Marketing

Our dedicated marketing team will help you searchning and applying for jobs.

Our Student

College Student

College Student I was immensely benefited from Technosoft to learn Java and Selenium from scratch. It helped me to be an automation test engineer from zero programming background. The class environment, training methodology and career support program were highly helpful for someone. You have to just be with them and follow their instruction. project based intensive boot camp ultimately helped me to set my career.College Student

Affordable Tuition & Financing

Our tuition is very reasonable and competitive in the market. We want our students to focus on learning and setting up their careers. Tuition shouldn't be the burdens. Invest for your career with a different financing and payment options that fit your needs.

Full Tuition


Financing options starting at


*Based on loan of $4,500 over 3-year term.


As we are committed to support underrepresented community in Tech. We are taking initiatives to support Women in tech through our “Women in Tech” movement. Also we respect the contribution of our Veterans and like to reward them through our limited capabilities. Technsoft care about those underrepresnted communities like LGBT, Phisycally Disable and War Refujees. We are pleased to award an $1,000 scholarship to them admitted to our Full Immersive programs. The scholar will be awarded through a eligibility assessment process.


Remote QA Automation

If you're not able to join on campus class, you are most welcome to join live QA Automation online class with the same benefit as on campus student.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Upcoming classes will be updated periodically on the course section in our website.
Yes, please bring your own laptop to class. We prefer a Mac but Windows can be used as well. (The instructor will be using a Mac)
Once you sign up from the website, an admissions counselor will contact you by email to schedule a call. Before you are admitted, we’ll sit down for an informal discussion on what motivates you, education background, work experience and general awareness in the IT field. From our experiences, we found many students who didn’t have any core programming skills to be able to learn and transition into professionals in the field
I have a day job. Can I still make time for this course? Our classes take place on evenings on weekdays and daytimes on the weekends. The curriculum is designed to be part-time so that it does not interfere with anyone’s day-time commitments. During the end of the course, however, we ask students to dedicate additional time to reviewing coursework and project assignments> We are located in Long Island City in the Falchi Building, one block away from LaGuardia Community College We can be reached by the 7, N, R trains
Technosoft’s program is designed for those new to software QA automation. You will start from basic test automation concepts to learning key Java programming fundamentals. There will be homework and in-class projects so that you get a chance to apply what you learn and trying things for yourself. Although we do not assume any prior programming knowledge, it would be helpful for you to get a head-start by checking out the Java track on codecademy.
Automation testing is starting to be considered an expected skill set in today’s software testing industry. The QA person should not only be experienced in manual testing, but he/she should also have the technical fundamentals to automate long regression testing for more test coverage at a shorter time. In our classes, we will go over basic Java fundamentals and build projects using Selenium and Appium which are industry leading automation tools. Upon completion of the course, you can be sure that you are ready to be promoted or find another role elsewhere as an Automation Engineer/Software Engineer in  Test.
Our goal is to help you understand Software QA Automation end-to-end; not just specific core topics and selected interview questions. We do this by starting from the very basics to computer programming and showing you how an automation framework is implemented from scratch. Without real project experience, it is difficult to acquire the skills that you will need for building real products. Specifically, our curriculum will cover the full software development lifecycle and how systems are designed. You will understand the role and responsibilities in a professional setting. You will get hands-on experience through our classwork and homework provided. Upon completion of the course, you will be assessed for our boot camp and internship programs based on your eligibility. All of this will be offered to you in addition to the classwork. In other words – you will learn what is needed to do a real Software QA Automation Engineer’s job.
Your skills will be in high demand, and you’re future will be bright, but like most things in life, your prospective employment in the QA automation engineering world depends on how hard you work. If you consistently apply throughout the 16-week job marketing program and during your job search, then your chances look really good. You will also need to be well-prepared for your interviews. The good news is that we will be with you every step of the way. We don’t just teach you to code and build project, we also work with you on your resume, help you prepare for interviews, and connect you with job opportunities. We maintain relationships with a vast network of companies in the software development world as well as with our alumni base, which provides our students a variety of potential employment opportunities.

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