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Coding Boot Camp Prep

4 Weeks | Evening Class | Lead to Full Course

Kickstart Your Coding Voyage

Start with a prep course and get prepared  for the full immersive Web Development Boot camp. In this prep course you will learn the necessary fundamentals of programming, get familiar with the software development process and have the opportunity to familiar with Technosoft learning environment. This is faster but structured coding Bootcamp Prep featuring 36+ hours instructor led in class course.

100% free (we mean it)

No Cost

For now we are offering this bootcamp prep class 100% free to those students who likes to join our full Web Development course.

Prepare for top bootcamps

Lead Guidance

We know your struggle with online bootcamp prep class. This course is designed and led by industry expert instructor who will teach and guide you in the real onsite class. So you have more access to the Instructor.


Starting from the basics of types and variables and making their way to defining classes, students will learn the Python programming language, object oriented programming, and how to write clean and functional code. Students will also learn the ins and outs of git and how they can use it to maintain their source code and work on a team.

Program Structure, Eligibility

Program Structure

Program Structure

Boot camp prep is fast pace class environment where students will learn fundamentals of programming concepts, understanding of a programmer job in real software development life cycle. Over all class will focus on building a concrete base to explore your career path to a wider range of coding skills. Most of the class lecture will be followed by hands on class lab work. Students will work rest of the days before next class on doing their homeworks alone or in a group help. The purpose of our boot cam is to grow together by helping each other in a friendly but structured platform.

Our program includes:

4 Weeks Course Duration

Onsite Instructor Led Class

16+ Hours of Class Lecture

20+ Hours of Homework

20+ Hours of Class Work

20+ Hours of Project works



  • Programming background is preferred but not manadatory
  • Ability to think creatively, analytically and with depth about problems
  • Ability to learn and communicate in a professional manner.

Target Audience

  • Non IT professionals aspiring to get into IT Industry.
  • IT professionals looking for development career
  • Recent graduates aspiring gor new career
  • Academic degree in any Field
We encourage all sorts of people to take this training opportunity to explore their career in this demanding field. We welcome students from all backgrounds based on our evaluation to assess the eligibility of the prospective candidates so that the mutual goal can be accomplished.

Current and Upcoming Batch-Code Prep

We start a new class every 5 months and students are accepted in a rolling basis. The Coding Boot camp prep course is designed for 4 weeks. Prior coding knowledge is not required but preferred. After the prep class you can take our 16 weeks immersive Web Development Boot Camp with Python. This prep course is free of cost if you get admission to the full web development course. A formal assessment process will be conducted to consider your eligibility.

The class size is flexible but we maintain a ratio of about maximum 24 students per batch. This ensures that students are getting plenty of attention, review, and guidance.

Course Name

Course Duration

Class Day

Class Time


Coding Boot Camp Prep


Mon, Wed

7pm to 10pm


Our Student

College Student

Anyone like me who needs confidence and fundamental understanding before joining the full immersive web development course, attending this one-month long coding prep class is must. Coming from a very limited programming background I was really scared of preparing myself to be a web developer. This prep class was awesome to clear my confusion.


As we are committed to support underrepresented community in Tech. We are taking initiatives to support Women in tech through our “Women in Tech” movement. Also we respect the contribution of our Veterans and like to reward them through our limited capabilities. Technsoft care about those underrepresnted communities like LGBT, Phisycally Disable and War Refujees. We are pleased to award an $1,000 scholarship to them admitted to our Full Immersive programs. The scholar will be awarded through a eligibility assessment process. The scholarship is only valid for the Full Immersive Course. Boot Camp Prep class students will not be granted for scholarship if they don’t sign up for the full Web Development course.