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Payment Terms for Paid Services

As noted above, certain Services offered by Technosoft through the Technosoft Academy platform are offered for a fee or other charge (such as tuition). In the event that you choose to participate in a paid Service, in addition to any other Supplemental Terms of such paid Service (for example, on the product page, at the point of sale, in a ny payment plan agreement with Technosoft , or when authorizing the credit card transaction), the following payment terms will apply.

Paid Services offered by Technosoft through the Technosoft Academy platform include the Technosoft School Online Web Develo per Program (the “Online Web Developer Program”) and certificate courses (“Certificate Courses”). Certificate Courses will be identified as such on the relevant product page for each such course. ( Technosoft may offer certain other courses for no charge (“ Free Courses”). Free Courses will be identified as such on the relevant product page for each such course.)

ertain paid Services may have more than one payment plan. For instance, with respect to the Online Web Developer Program, Technosoft offers the cho ice of a monthly payment plan (the “Monthly Plan”) or, if the student is eligible for, and obtains, a loan from an approved third – party lender, a fixed fee plan (the “Fixed Plan”). For the Monthly Plan, credit cards are the only acceptable method of paymen t. With respect to the Fixed Plan, the deposit may be paid via direct pay or via credit card, and remaining payment(s) will be arranged via the third – party lender.

Upon enrolling in the Online Web Developer Program and selecting the Monthly Plan payment op tion (or if you select the Fixed Plan and choose to pay your deposit via credit card), you must complete an online credit card authorization form. The first payment is due upon enrollment in the Online Web Developer Program. Subsequent payments under the M onthly Plan will automatically be charged to your credit card on file on a monthly basis thereafter.

By enrolling for the Online Web Developer Program and selecting the Monthly Plan payment option, you authorize Technosoft to automatically charge the credi t card listed on your credit card authorization form for the full tuition or fee amount each applicable pay period. The recurring payment authority will remain in effect until you either complete, withdraw from, or are terminated from the Online Web Develo per Program. If you complete, withdraw from, or are terminated from the Online Web Developer Program after the first day of the applicable pay period, you will still be charged for the applicable pay period, subject to any refund owing pursuant to the Refu nd Policy below.

Enrollment in a Certificate Course is accomplished by providing your credit card information. As described in the Refund Policy section below, Certificate Courses include a 3 – day money back guarantee. By providing your credit card informat ion when enrolling in a Certificate Course, you agree that Technosoft may obtain a temporary authorization or pre – authorization for the full price of the Certificate Course (less any applicable discounts), which you will be automatically charged if you do not with withdraw from the Certificate Course before the 3 – day trial period concludes. (Although it is not a charge, please note that it is possible that some financial institutions may label the pre – authorization as a pending charge.) YOU MUST WITHDRAW FR OM THE APPLICABLE CERTIFICATE COURSE BEFORE THE 3 – DAY TRIAL PERIOD CONCLUDES (IN THE MANNER PROVIDED FOR IN THE REFUND POLICY SECTION BELOW) TO AVOID BEING CHARGED. If you do withdraw from a Certificate Course before the 3 – day trial period concludes and ar e inadvertently charged, please contact us at accounting@Technosoftschool.com.

Promotional Discounts For Paid Services

Technosoft may, from time to time, offer promotional discounts for some or all of its products or paid Services. Where applicable, the User will automati cally receive the published discount amount when signing up via a link that corresponds to the promotional discount. Unless expressly stated otherwise, Users will be limited to one discount per purchase. In the event that a User attempts to apply more than one discount to a single purchase, Technosoft will use only the largest of the applied discounts at the time of the purchase. All applicable cancellation and refund policies will apply. Technosoft will not honor discounts after payments have been made and will not make retroactive adjustments. Total discounts received cannot exceed the total cost of the products or Services purchased. Please note that, where specified, certain discounts may be applicable only to one paid Service, and in such cases will not be applicable to other paid Services.

Applications and Admission For Paid Services

Certain paid Services offered by Technosoft through the Technosoft Academy platform may require you to fill out an online application. The application may consist of, amo ng other things: (1) your LinkedIn profile; (2) basic biographical details like phone number and address; (3) your written answer to a long – form question; (4) your video answer to an application question and (5) your program selection.

All answers to the q uestions on any such application must be your original work and must not infringe upon the copyright, trademarks, rights of privacy, or other intellectual property or other rights of any person and must not violate the law. Your application and written and video responses become the exclusive property of Technosoft and will not be returned. All parts of the application must be completed in full and submitted together. Incomplete applications and applications that are submitted in piecemeal fashion will not be considered.

Where applicable, Technosoft will review and respond to each fully submitted application, typically within 48 hours of submission. You will be notified of your admission or rejection to the applicable paid Service via the e – mail address prov ided by you in your user account. If admitted to the applicable paid Service, you will have the opportunity to enroll, which will require you to provide payment.

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