Career Counseling

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Career Counseling

If you qualify for the Career Counseling Program, you will be put in touch with a career counselor to assist you with your job search preparation. Such assistance will include helping you to identify and pursue job opportunities in the relevant field. Career Counseling will include:

  • A career counselor accessible via phone, video chat, e-mail and in person to review and discuss your job search;
  • Guidance to prepare for the technical and cultural interview process.
  • At least one review of your résumé and LinkedIn profile;
  • At least one mock cultural interview and one mock technical interview with your career counselor (or other Technosoft representative); and
  • Opportunities to network with Technosoft employer partners where available and relevant.

Job Marketing

After completing the Career Counselling program if you like to take our job marketing program you have to go through some formal paper works. Job marketing alone doesn’t guarantee job placement, rather it’s a teamwork where you have to maintain and follow set of requirements. Our Job marketing will include:

  • Dedicated Marketing team to search job for you.
  • Selective vendors to help to setup interviews
  • Implementation partners to connect you with clients
  • Direct clients to hire you through faster interview process


We have our own in-house projects to provide QA automation solution to the client. Based on the performance of the students and availability of projects, we will take you as an intern for a specific period of time. This will help you to get practical experience to work in a real client project.